Malevi is made up of 5 countries which have been at peace for 300 years after the mage wars. Arcane magic has become outlawed across the entire continent. Those practicing or in possession of blood holding such magic are put to death. To enforce that no aspiring evil magician would seek to conquer the land, A new firearm has been invented specifically designed to hinder and cripple a magician’s magic.

With the invention of this firearm, all wars seized and the continent has been at peace ever since, but tensions are beginning to rise again after these 300 years. However, the peace treaty between the 5 nations is starting to weaken.

There have been constant border disputes between Xolaz and Chou, resulting in small skirmishes that constantly adjust the border at very minor increments. Xolaz has been gaining land due to the fact that Chou isn’t going on the offence since the disappearance of one of the four, Aeris Kal’to.

Trav has stayed out of any conflict, but they are growing wary of their warring neighbors. There has been rumors that the 15 will be called into action in the coming month.

However, out of all the nations, Eva has had the greatest change. Since the death of their last ruler, Malevine has been implementing many changes upon the nation, including the change of the original 5 council members, which she now calls the 5 warlords. Eva’s military has been increasing in numbers drastically and promise its citizens a hefty salary for those who join.

Kalivysto has challenged Eva on its changes multiple times, to which Eva has claimed they are only preparing just in case Xolaz turns upon them once they have conquered Chou due to the absence of one of their council members.

However, the sheer size of their military says otherwise, but none of the five nations has a force large enough to challenge Eva.

It is only a matter of time before everything comes to a boil and the continent is engulfed in war once again.

The party has traveled to Eva’s capital, Etalia, in hopes of joining the military after hearing about the huge sum on money promised. Their reasons for obtaining that money is only for themselves to know. It is in the tavern that they all meet and drink the night away in celebration of joining the military so easily, of which a giant party for all the new recruits have gathered. The next day, it will be their first days as soldiers of the Eva military. As to what future that entails the party, that is up to them to decide.