Gweththeniadhria "Adhria"

A short cheery girl who seems not quite of this world


Race : Half Elf Sex : Female Height : 4’6" Weight : 60lbs Age : 16

She is dressed in Servants robes but adorned with a large amount of jewelry and trinkets. Her face is painted with holy runes of healing. Her hair is long and silver, tied in several places. Her eyes a silver grey which sparkle like stars. He face is childlike befitting her short stature, she carries a doll with her everywhere she goes is is the spitting image of a large black Bird of prey.

Her expressions range from heartfelt concern to cherubic playfulness depending on the situation which she finds herself. She tries to stay positive regardless of the situation. When accepting the afflictions of others she of often becomes faint he normally vibrant face seeming to be drained of color and her sparkling eyes darken into black wells.

She is accompanied by a small bird which sparkles like the sky when it takes flight. Its voice is akin to cascading chimes.


A girl born to a branch of Kalivysto’s nobility Gweththeniadhria was very much a problem child in more ways than one. Her conception was not one brought about by traditional union, she is in short a bastard, born out of wedlock to a human mother and Elven father. Although unwanted and unplanned she was not unloved. While her existence was not particularly acknowledged by her estranged father, her human mother a servant to the aristocracy family, cared for her daughter very much. She resolved to shelter Gweth from much of the hatred often leveled at one of her birth, at least in part due to this she remained for the most part woefully ignorant and naïve to her situation. However there was another reason which made itself apparent later in her life.

By her teens her celestial heritage had manifested I’m full force, her hair and eyes turned as silver as the moon and in fact seemed to radiate a soft glow when exposed to the lights of the night sky.

In her youth she encountered a peculiar bird. It was night, she had snuck into the upper canopy of the High Tree to stargaze as she had done many times before; this night however, was special. Gweththeniadhria had always felt a connection to the stars above be it her heritage or something more. The heavens had always spoken to her but tonight it sent a messenger. A small bird landed next to her, a mostly innocuous thrush save for that it appeared to be draped in a coat of stars, It introduced itself as ‘Arcwing’, the spirit of a distant star, who crossed the void of space to guide and protect her. Over the next many nights it taught Gweth many things about the stars and magic. Curious and inquisitive Gwenth latched onto these teachings and honed the craft learning the ways of magic.

Gweththeniadhria by some miracle has remained effectively oblivious to the disapproving stares of her ‘betters’, she considers everyone a friend even if the feeling was not mutually shared. She goes by the names Gweth, Gwen or Adhria. While technically of the noble blood a fact she is quite proud of, her mother has instilled in her the necessity of hiding that fact whenever possible. Although she doesn’t really understand why she still holds herself to that promise. She serves the same roll as her mother, attending to the needs and whims of the nobility. She has developed a love of shiny things, like a magpie she love to collect jewelry and gems or even make her own.

A naturally empathetic person Gweththeniadhria abhors seeing those she cares for in pain. The tails of senseless violence from the war sadden her greatly and she tries to see the best in people believing that everyone at least has some inherent goodness. Despite her reluctance to harm other’s she will do whatever she can to protect other’s from those who would do them harm. At every opportunity she seeks to alleviate others pain by taking it upon herself if possible, Arcwing helps her in this endeavor whenever he can helping share the pain she takes upon herself. She is skilled in the art of healing and constantly darts around making sure that people are okay.

With the uprising of the Eagiss family she is torn and upset that her people would turn on one another in such senseless acts of violence. She has resolved to save everyone she can but cries at all of the blood that must be spilled and that which already flows.

Advent of the red ball, Date Unknown

To kill a specter of death

Gweththeniadhria "Adhria"

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