Kellid Hunter/Brawler of the Revolutionary Army


Race : Human Sex : Female Height : 5’0" Weight : 140 lbs Age : 20


Self proclaimed main character.

In the possession of the BMV, Powder Jet.

Born into the Frost Boar Tribe, Brooke is the first child of her parents.

She was taught by her parents how to hunt and track wild animals. While on a hunt, She came across a dilapidated Church of Sarenrea.

Inside was a tiger, unnatural in colour. She tamed the beast but the shaman of the village thought it to be an ill omen.

Sent by the tribe on her coming of age ceremony early and alone by the Elders because of her non-conformist faith in Sarenrea.

The coming of age ceremony was hard for Brooke but it allowed her to tap into the primal ancestors of her animal companion and soldified her connection to Sarenrea.

Brooke completed the ceremony but the Elders were displeased and disassociated her from her family.

she heard of Eva mass recruiting people and decided to check out if her tribe would be in danger, she joined up with them to accomplish this.

/Campaign Stuff

Her upbringing has given her a savage view on the balance of life and death. While she values her companions and those she includes in her tribe she also expects them to be strong. Strong Survive and weak die this is the way of things.

To the end of strong and weak she wants to stop Eva they are strong so she must become stronger to survive


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