Malevine Ekhert

Ruler of Eva


Not too much is known about this young ruler. Two years ago, she seized the throne of Eva by force with the help of her five warlords and quickly changed the way Eva’s affairs were heading. Taxes were raised, but so was the income of anyone choosing to join the army. Whether by her knowledge or not, this caused a lot of discord among the common folk who could not afford such taxes and ended up pushing more people to become soldiers.

No one knows where she came from, or why she wants this change in Eva. She seized the throne when she was fifteen and now she is seventeen. A few assassination attempts were sent at her, but every single one failed. People are fearing that she is a witch, but it has been proven by the anti-magic council that she does not possess any magic of any kind.

Arrived at the Kalivysto ball, stating that the nation could either ally with them and take down the Anti-Magic Council, or remain as they were and have war declared on them. They had to answer by the following night by sending aid to attack the council.


Malevine Ekhert

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