Shadow Warlord

Warlord of Eva


Everyone has heard of the five warlords of Eva, but people have only ever seen four. This warlord is said to exist and was present at the battle for the throne, but after that, the existence of them has vanished. There has never been a rumor about a spotting of this warlord, until now.

First sighted on an Evan airship, he came up and issued a challenge, but it was clear that the party could not take him. Encased in a suit of black armor covering everything but one red eye, he wields a scythe. It is not clear if the armor or the scythe is a BMV. He does not say much, and although appears to be slow, has proven that he can be tremendously fast if provoked. He stole the soul of Beast, Gurinik’s boar when it did try to attack.

Ryu mentioned that he has the power to change his appearance and has never taken his true form around her or anyone else that she knows of for that matter. He was last seen taking Ryu’s appearance. Some speculation has begun in the party that perhaps the Shadow Warlord is actually Ordalios the Arch Wizard.


Shadow Warlord

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