located to the Northeast of Eva, Chou is a land of high mountains and constant winters. It is also well known for their unique samurai code of conduct as opposed to the other lands. Here you will find a majority of humans and dwarves, as well as a few colonies of gnomes. Their main exports are metals and fish, being the country with the most ports as well.

One thing to note about Chou’s affairs in comparison to the other nations is that they have extremely strict laws against alchemy. Those who wish to do it must have permits from the church, and even then, it is looked down upon due to a travesty that happened in the past.

Their military code is very different in comparison to other nations. A vast majority is made up of Samurai, Warpriests, Paladins and Clerics. They also employ Monks and Ninjas, as well as the odd Oracle for specific missions. Their commanders are not yet known of.

Capital is Val Xi
~ Ports are Hanyo, Hina, Kaze
~ Major Cities are Jikya, Misuha, Nix Hao

Divided into four portions, the country has 4 representatives to decide changes that would affect the whole country upon the peak of the highest mountain designated by the capital city.
From the North, Kazehan Vhan
(dwarf male)
From the West, Mi’hagn Vi
(human male)
From the East, Aeris Kal’to
(human male)
From the South, Tier Flamdys
(human female)


There have been constant border disputes between Xolaz and Chou, resulting in small skirmishes that constantly adjust the border at very minor increments.
Xolaz has been gaining land due to the fact that Chou isn’t going on the offence since the disappearance of one of the four, Aeris Kal’to.
Now that Aeris Kal’to has returned, Chou’s government affairs have resumed. one of the first things that has come to action was that Chou has allied themselves with Eva for the war, and they now march on Xolaz’s capital, intending to help their allies in it’s capture.


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