Located the Southwest of Eva, Kalivysto is home to the vast majority of elves within Malevi, as well as several colonies of humans. Much of the land is covered by forest, so most wooden goods are exported from here.
Kalivysto is also known for their vast love of nature, believing that for every tree cut down or any animal slain, two more should take its place before taking any more.

Kalivysto prefers to stay out of international affairs, being the one nation that does not freely associate or allow the Anti-Magic Council to act within it’s borders. Regardless, their own laws prohibit the use of arcane magic in their own right. However, without the Anti-Magic Counsel monitoring the nation, it is found that more arcane activity happens within their borders in comparison to the rest of Malevi

Although Kalivysto does not interact with places outside of their borders, the growing army of Eva did worry them, and so they built an army of their own. Majority of those who serve in their army are volunteers, and are not paid to serve, but are given special benefits. Their army is made up mostly of Rangers, Druids, Hunters and Fighters. They also employ the odd rogue for espionage missions, and although they rever nature, Paladins and Inquisitors are often found among their ranks too.

Capital is Ivintaly
~ Ports are Treak, Avalaan
~ Cities are Golytii, Kavill, Levannen

Headed by the Elven Kalivysto Royal Family
King Aegineas, Queen Malkarie and Prince Suum.
Decisions are made in coordination with the three noble beast families.
Eagiss (represented by a three eyed black eagle) currently headed by Content Not Found: vako-easiss (Elf male)
Walegaven (represented by a golden wolf) currently headed by Tolgeass (human male)
Tiig (represented by a pure white tiger) currently headed by Havyeana (Elf female)


Kalivysto has challenged Eva on the changes multiple times, to which Eva has claimed they are only preparing just in case Xolaz turns upon them once they have conquered Chou due to the absence of one of their council members.
Now that the war has broken out, Kalivysto has begun to fortify their borders in defense. The lies Eva had fed them has angered them, and the royal family is not wishing to associate with anyone due to this. They are contemplating attacking Eva, although being the more peaceful of the five nations, they are hesitant to take action. They have since closed their borders and are not allowing entry into the country unless they have a registered passport.


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