Meva Port

A port town in Eva.

It is said that this is where most of Kalivysto imports land before making their way to Etalia. The port town also has far more advanced technology compared to every otehr city on the continent with the exception of Etalia. All the streets are paved with cobblestone and the buildings are made of wood that does not burn. Despite its active police force, there are also numerous gangs throughout the streets.

This was Alastra’s home town.

Alastra is also wanted for more than just her regular bounty here. She also knows where to find black markets here, and knows many of the shady dealings that happen in this port town.

The biggest gang here is known as the Blades, a company that Alastra used to work for. There are also another six notable gangs. They are Meva’s Finest, The Giant’s Fist, Black Night, Arrow, Blood Calling and Dark Stars. Alastra wasn’t good at making friends and made herself an enemy of every gang, including her own when she decided to bail and make a run for it. She was caught by the Evan Military though, but the gangs soon learned that she escaped prison and want her dead. A man named Drak was actively searching for her.

Meva Port

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