Trav is located on the island land Northwest of Eva. Most of Trav is taken up by hot deserts and a vast majority of people who live there are nomads, never truly wanting to stay in one place for a long time. The best water is also found from the healing oasis that dot the landscape, which have in turn created a new healing potion that is now found in most shops. Majority of the population is human, but halflings are also high in number here. Also, the best riders live here, and they train the fastest and strongest horses on the continent.

The people of Trav are perhaps the most accepting out of all the five nations. Racisim is not tolerated, and pretty much anyone can find their place here in this free nation. The one issue they run into is that many criminals often try to take up residence here and continue their unlawful doings. A strong police force has been made to counteract this, however, the police themselves are allowed to choose the sentencing of the wrong doers, often executing them on the spot in the street.

Trav’s military is also it’s police force, and each are in the pay of one of the many 15 merchants. Their ranges of skills varies, but they are all very good at what they do and are very numerous. Majority of these forces tend to be Monks, Cavaliers, Gunslingers, Inquisitors, Rogues, Fighters, Brawlers, and Swashbucklers.

Capital is Axefall
~ Ports are Waterdoor, Qua Port
~ Major Cities are Dali, Gavin Oasis, Sandscore, Anta

This is the only nation where they have thrown aside all kingship and claim it is the only nation where people are truly free. Nobody rules the desert lands and any that do always and up going missing part way through their campaign.
When a time comes where a decision that will affect the entire nation arises, the 15 wealthiest merchants all gather at the capital’s temple to make decisions. These fifteen change almost on a monthly basis.


Trav has stayed out of any conflict, but they are growing wary of their warring neighbors. There has been rumors that the 15 will be called into action in the coming month.
It has been said that the 15 have been meeting in secret, but a meeting is to be planned soon for them to finally meet and decide on their course of action in the current war.


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