Located between Eva and Chou, Zolaz is a marshy forest land, ill suited for most living, but the people who live here are known to have become rather tough and resilient from living in this harsh environment. While majority of the population is human, the only orcs in Malevi are also found here. It is a land of no return to most outsiders.

Their Military isn’t well organized, although it is very effective due to it’s strength. They mostly employ Barbarians, Brawlers, Fighters, Rangers, Hunters, and Slayers. They also hire the odd Rogue for undercover work, as well as some Shamen.

Capital is Uxhaup
~ Ports are Faza, Zaul, Menho Waterways
~ Cities are Wex, Khavhin

Sometimes confused as having such an archaic system, This is the only kingdom where 1 king decides what happens to the entire nation.
Currently ruled by King Xolaz IX (human male)
He has 3 advisers who help him make his decisions
Zaz (Half-Orc male, the nation receives a lot of grief due to his heritage)
Mintak (human male)
Kolk (human male)


There have been constant border disputes between Xolaz and Chou, resulting in small skirmishes that constantly adjust the border at very minor increments.
Xolaz has been gaining land due to the fact that Chou isn’t going on the offence since the disappearance of one of the four, Aeris Kal’to.
Eva has since declared war against this nation and has already captured Wex. They are now in danger of losing their capital city, but their sheer strength is enough to hold back their invaders for now.


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