The Black Magic Revolution

Another recap


The Party left the dungeon but found that the elves had not taken kindly to the duping of blood signatures on the documents. They were brought back to location and were questioned on this, after some discussion the party turned over the Deck of Wind to the Tiig Captain. They decided not to pursue the issue any further and left it at that abiet more than a little disgruntled.

Leaving the disgruntled elves behind the party headed to Avalaan home of Aiden , the trip was mostly uneventulf save for a chance encounter with a Titanic Centapeid. Oh and the rabbit… RIP.

Once in Avalaan Brooke and Tezzim went about aquireing a better airship engine, after some haggling they managed to get a more modern Airship crystal (and an industrial strength one at that) for a bargain. Meanwhile Aiden returned home to visit his family, he was unknowingly pursued by the party.

Once the Party finished their business in the city they departed for Ivintaly, they made it in excellent time thanks to their new engine. After some confusion with where exactly they were supposed to park and a VERY interesting encounter involving crucifixion and poles up certain peoples posteriors the party found their way to the embassy where they had permission to reside. Aiden and, Bjorn went to the Inn called ‘Elvish Paradise’ looking for Yuka and co. Uppon arriving there however Aeiden deduced that it would take Yuka’s party at least 2 more days to get to the city assuming they had not detoured. Uppon realizing this the party decided to sit tight until Yuka so they could plan their next move. The party did some shopping and crafting in this time among other activities Including : Bjorn scarring Aiden for life with his dwarfish swimsuit antics (hint Dwarves do have swimsuits); Brooke making friends with the maids, maids name in praticular; Tezim spent his days painting the inside of the airship while getting drunk and, high off of various alchemical concoctions; Aiden also returned the painting the party found to it’s rightful owners, they were grateful but not overtly enthused.

Yuka arrived on Schedual and, also had new company a bard and spy who went by the name of name. Yuka was rather cross with a certain peeping dwarf and, even more cross at Aiden for not realing the seccond portion of her orders which included starting to build diplomatic relations with the nobility. With that Aiden, Yuka, Bjorn, Jimmy and, Vilki going off to the different elvish noble houses in order to build relations. Bjorn went to speak with the Tiig’s. Aiden went to a local tournament in which the elvish noble (name?) was allegedly in attendance. Brooke and Tezim borded with their time at the embasy also decided to go to the tournament, still oblivious to Yuka’s return. Aiden fought in the tournament making it to the final round in whic hBrooke and himslef bet a large sum of money on a 10:1 upset victory for Aiden. Aiden managed to win against the Challenger a general in the elvish armies. The venu could not afford to pay out all of the money and Aiden and Brook had to reach a compromise. The elvish noble seemed impressed with Aidens victory despite Aidens profuse apologies to incapacitating his general.

By nightfall everyone returned to the embassy and sleeping arrangements were tenuously formed.


Pretty sure stuff is wrong, feel free to correct and stuff, especially names T_T

Another recap

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