Aeris Kal’to

East Representative of Chou


Has been MIA, leaving the council of four unable to reach decisions on how to defend their nation.

It has been confirmed by the revolutionary army that Eva is holding him captive, leaving Chou unable to conduct their normal affairs while Xolaz continues their attack on their borders.

He was found on an Evan airship on its way to Chou. The party rescued him and set him free, before returning to escort him back to Chou.

Aeris said that he was not captured by Eva, but by Xolaz. He was freed when the Evan military attacked and decided to take him back home, which is completely different from what the Revolutionary Army’s intel had said.

He harbors ill feeling towards the Revolutionary army for attacking the ship that was taking him home, and has an extreme fear of fighting and arcane magic.


Character Relations

Aiden – Does not know

Brooke – Unfavorable
Cai – Does not know
Zur – Does not know
Bjorn – Does not know

Aeris Kal’to

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