Ayari Kane

Elf hunter joining the Rebellion


Tall and thin. Dark brown hair and light green eyes. tends to wear her armor at all times with a sword at her hip and a longbow over her back. Also carries a wizard’s spellbook that is not her’s with her. She says the book once belonged to Davirah, who is now dead.

She keeps an armored wolf named Rosemary close to her.

She comes across as harsh and uptight, not even pausing to point out what she thinks are flaws in others. She only has one mindset, and that is that she is right.

Since the last time the party has seen her, she has grown immensely stronger and has now bonded to the BMV Artemis. She now serves as Ozland Firestar’s guard, and although she has not reached the fifth stage of bonding, she knows of it’s effects and is willing to accept them in order to aid the revolution.


First met onCaptain Jack Pigeon‘s boat, Ayari quickly became the target of hate from the party. Only Brooke seemed to think otherwise, and was the only one to come to Ayari’s aide when other passengers attacked her for carrying a wizard’s spellbook.

She says she is from Kali, which instantly struck a cord with Gyeira who already has a mistrust of elves.

Ayari Kane

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