Captain Jack Pigeon

High Ranking Officer


Wears a red bandana where some messy black hair still spills out from. Of Azlanti descent. His eyes are violet colored.

He carries himself in a peculiar way, and has a thing for rum. Has two monkey companions, Einstein and Jasper. Jasper likes to steal the captain’s rum while Einstein only ever shows up when Jasper is about to make the captain chase after him.

One of the 7 Generals of the revolutionary army, he is in control of all teh naval operations held by the army. Eva does not know his face.

Presumably died when Eva launched an air raid on their island hideout, but managed to escape with his cook and the remains of Ghallager Marks‘s body. One of his monkey’s did not survive the escape, but the remaining one took on the job of both monkeys. He now cannot tell which one survived.


The party first met him in Sol before learning he was the captain that would take them to Lumos Island. He told them to keep quiet about a hidden agenda since the ship is going to be headed for Waterdoor. The party quickly took a liking to him.

Captain Jack Pigeon

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