Ghallager Marks

High Ranking Officer


Very short Taldan man with snazzy black hair and brown eyes. Has a scar over his left cheek. He tends to be seen in dark clothes and his go to weapon is a flintlock pistol.

He is very easygoing almost to the point where it seems he doesn’t take very many things seriously. People’s lives other than his own don’t appear to weigh to heavily on his mind.

He is one of the 7 Generals leading the Revolutionary Army, albeit the one who works behind the scenes the most. his face is not known by Eva.

Presumably died when Eva launched an air raid on their island hideout, but was saved by his friend Captain Jack Pigeon. He lost and eye, a leg and an arm in the fight and received another scar over his remaining eye. His missing arm was replaced with a metal one animated through magic, and now looks even more intimidating than ever.


Ghallager was the man who set the aprty free and told the party to head to Sol to catch a boat headed to Lumos Island to join the Rebellion’s army. He told the party to tell the captain following phrase in order for them to get on his boat with no charge, “The blue birds forgot to lay their eggs today.”

When they were on the boat, Ghallager told the party to keep talk about the Rebellion on a hush hush level. He even told them not to even talk to him for fear that his cover would be blown. If they were found out, he told them that he would have to shoot them.

Once at Lumos Island, Ghallager gave the party a day of rest before taking them to the Ruins of Gohler where he would give them a final test before allowing them to join the Rebellion. He told them this was to make sure no spies from Eva were still among the people there, and even hand picked some people to join specific groups to mitigate this. Some of the party wonder about his motives of this test however.

Ghallager Marks

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