Young boy serving Yuka


Short in nature, with rugged green hair and dark green eyes. He appears very scrawny, but that spear in those bony arms of his still packs quite a punch.

The boy seems to be ill suited for battle and is scared of a lot of things, especially pain. If he sees a gruesome injury up close, he will probably faint.

He apparently has some serious dance moves.

Most of the time he spends doing the cleaning, and helping out with dinner.

Has become Yuka’s assistant and doesn’t fight very much.


First met on Captain Jack Pigeon‘s boat, Jimmy was helping Makarov do simple tasks in the kitchen. It wasn’t learned until later that he was a candidate to join the Rebellion.

Ghallager Marks forced the party to take Jimmy with them when they descended into the Ruins of Gohler’s dungeon.

Jimmy appears to sport some very impressive dance moves not normally seen on this Continent.


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