The Black Magic Revolution

The Prophecy

The dark lord will rise again at the end of the 303 year long drought.

The ten horns of apocalypse plus the hearts they contain mark doom for all.

He shall seek to devour a god, but the other nine remain to protect the one.

All but the castle will crumble and all magic will be lost to man as the dark lord consumes the world.

The first horn will signal for his followers to amass, yet wait for the opportune moment.

Those who control the flow of magic will weed the garden of budding stars.

One with a similar name of the holy land will rise to start the combat.

Each death grants him power, but champions will rise from the ashes of old heroes and villains past.

The second horn will beckon for the invasion to begin, and the other horns will quickly follow.

A gift will be received, a leader must fall, and together they will reveal a path to an enemy true.

Nine from the table will light the way, but nine will not remain upon the end.

The tenth and final horn wails over defeat.



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