Arkosis Blood

This black blood of a very powerful demon was drained into this silver goblet adorned with obsidian trim. Magic has been placed within the blood to grant the drinker the demon’s powers. However, drinking the blood will slowly transform the person into a demon, but it gives them immense power should they be able to control it. The goblet itself holds no meaning, only the power to keep the blood in liquid form.

The only way to bond with this BMV is to drink the blood straight from the goblet. Should the drinker fail by 5 or less, they vomit the blood back out and receive con drain equal to half their maximum con. The blood separates itself from the vomit and returns to the goblet. Should they fail by more than 5, not only do they vomit out the blood, but they are transformed into a full demon. They lose complete control over themselves as they fly into a rampage. The only way to stop this is to either cast remove disease and heal within rapid succession of each other, or to kill them. Another way may be possible through the person’s inner feelings, but that person must have very strong bonds to said feeling for it to work.

Level 4 BMV. Bonded to Yoshimitsu
The person with this in their veins now has black blood and grows a devil’s tail. The gain DR 20/blunt, and darkvision 60ft.

they can gain fast healing (caster stat) for (character level) rounds. 1 charge

for 1 charge, the user can remove 1 active debuff affecting them

charges = 4+ caster stat.

The person is immune to critical hits. For 1 charge, they become immune to precision damage for 1 minute.

Arkosis Blood

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