Black Magic Vessels

Created by Ordalios the Arch Wizard, these are creations of immense arcane power. They have been prophesied to have the power to turn the world over on its head.

Each one has some soul of a very powerful being trapped inside. Some are more dominant than others, but they all have the power to take control and even kill the person attempting to use them. Sometimes, just picking up the item might initiate the soul trapped inside into wanting the soul of its victim destroyed. Only those who have the right soul lengths with the soul trapped inside can wield the specific item. If one tries to bond to multiple, they will find their soul torn into two as they cannot link with two BMVs at the same time. It is rumored that if they find the item in question really cool or they share a same passion as the soul within, they might have a better chance of bonding with it.

Rules wise, these weapons are designed to alter your original builds to accommodate these weapons, as they will be more powerful than anything else you can find. They will grow as you grow, so it is unlikely that you will ever find something you would want to replace it with. The set times for when one of these weapons “levels up” every 3 levels the weilder is above 1st level (levels 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, and 19), or when the wielder lands the killing blow on another BMV wielder. If another wielder is slain by someone who does not wield a BMV, the level up goes to the nearest person to slain wielder. In the case of a tie in distance, all those in the tie roll to see who gets the level up.

On the Subject of Dying

Death can sever the bond between owner and item if the owner remains dead for more than 24 hours.

If the Owner is raised after 24 hours they will un-bond from the item and will have to bond with it again (albeit with a reduced save DC).

If the player re-bonds their BMV regains all of its levels as if the play had never died. If the player chooses to bond to another item dies and then tries to re-bond to the first item all progress is reset.

Stage 2

Upon Reaching Level 5 A BMV’s bond to it’s owner deepens causing a portion of the soul trapped withing the BMV to merge with the owners. This merging has several effects:

1. The Owner will now suffer some form of drawback when they are not in contact with or using their item (specifics vary from item to item).

2. The User becomes harder to kill as a result of this bond and gains the benefits of the Diehard feat. In addition if they are reduced to their CON score they do not die. Instead the BMV acts as a reservoir of HP keeping the user alive until it is depleted. The exact size of this reservoir is unknown but it presumably increases with BMV level. Once points have been taken from the reservoir they cannot be replenished except by a 21+ level Wizard. If the reservoir is fully depleted the BMV is destroyed and, the user dies destroying their soul in the process (cannot be resurrected normally).

3.The strain of having your soul combined with another powerful being in the form of magical energy causes the owners maximum lifespan to become shortened by 50%.

4. Prolonged contact with the item can result in the user and BMV’s souls switching hosts.


Stat / Casting Stat : Refers to the users highest mental ability score modifier. The modifier is often used to determine the number of times per day a user can activate the items powers.

Activation Time : Most use/day abilities have an activation time of 1 swift action

Caster Level : All item effects manifest at a caster level equal to the characters total character level unless otherwise stated.

Party Possession BMVs

Powder JetBrooke
Prism GlassesAiden
Radar – Bjorn
Dark Halo – Unbound (on a plane far far away)
Frost BowTheory
Drow’s Eye – Lan
Arkosis Blood – Yoshimitsu
Acid Dragon Tail – Unbound (on a plane far far away)
Sapphire Star- Unbound (on a plane far away)
Yulai’s Pin – Cara/Caius

Other Known BMVs

Deck of Wind – Tezzim
Frost Dragon ClawsYuka Nishimura
Thunder Dragon BreathGyeira Morkvind
ArtemisAyari Kane
ArtistOzland Firestar
Prison Vow – With Ozland
Wu Xia – Stolen
Scarlet – Stolen
Flame LanceSuum Andalfin
GoldenBorid Isa
Earth Dragon ScaleSanja Underridge
Perfect ShinobiMea Amberfield
Storm Axe – Amber
Pile Bunker – Ace
Third Eye – Taken
Yin and Yang – Erika
Radiant Light – Linette
Shivakan – Luna

Destroyed BMV’s

Death’s MirrorOakin Eagiss
Delusion BowVik’s Partner
Installer – Lost at sea
Spike Drone – Lost at sea

Arcane God Vessels (AGVs)

These BMVs do not house a soul but have the blessing of the actual gods. Ordalios made a deal with some gods to create these weapons, which are a perfect blend of divine and arcane might. Bonding with these weapons is far more dangerous than with the regular BMVs, but successfully doing it will result in a far more powerful than normal BMV. If someone does not follow the god’s teachings, they cannot bond to it, and those who do are stilla t risk of failure. Failure to bond will erase your soul.
It is said that it would take several BMVs in order to rival a Arcane God Vessel. The only BMVs said to be on par with them would be the Legendary Dragon BMVs.
Due to the immense danger behind bonding to these weapons, they were deemed failures and sealed away within each of the god’s temples. He hoped that if any would be found, it would be by those who follow the god’s teachings to reduce any risk of needless deaths to bond to the weapon.

Known Arcane God Vessels

Nature’s Element – Gozreh – The Fairy of the Forest

Black Magic Vessels

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