Drow's Eye

A BMV in the form of a dagger. This dagger’s blade is slightly curved and jagged, giving it a very wicked look. The hilt is black and has a red gem in the pommel. The soul of a drow noble rests inside, but strangely, it is not active. It is as if the soul itself has been exhausted simply to power the weapon. The gem itself also appears to be dull, as if reflecting its sleeping nature.

Failing to bond with the weapon wakes up the drow inside momentarily. The user must make a second WILL, save or have the dagger plunge into their heart and have their soul sucked out and stored within the gem.

Bonded to Lan. Level 5 BMV

The wielder gains sneak attack 2d6
The wielder gains Spell Resistance = 15
caster mod. This can be voluntarily lowered.

Upon delivering a killing blow, the wielder may as a free action absorb the soul into the dagger’s gem. The person must make a will save DC 15+caster stat to resist. If there is a soul inside, the next time the wielder dies, the soul is destroyed and the wielder revives instantly at full health with no negative levels since their own soul never left their body. It is required for the soul sucked to be at a minimum CR 10.

For 1 charge, the wielder of this BMV may activate it as a move action and enter the ethereal plane. This lasts until the user wants to dismiss it. To be able to do this, the wielder must have a clear emotional mind. If under any fear effects or some otehr effect that controls their emotions, they cannot enter the ethereal realm. For every minute they remain in the other plane, strange voices will assault their mind. They must make a will save (DC15+1 per each additional minute) or be shunted back to he material plane and become shaken for a minute.

for 2 charges the wielder can reverse time on their body. As a swift action, any effects that their body received the previous round (damage, buffs, debuffs) are reversed as if they never happened. This ability cannot be used if they are unconscious or dead.

The wielder’s dominant hand now has a crystal (color randomly decided) embedded into it’s back. The skin around it appears black and decayed. When they enter the ethereal realm, the blackness spreads up the arm and across the body. Once they come back, this persists for an equal time they spent in the realm, reverting back to its original state from beforehand. If their body is ever completely covered by the blackness (this would take half an hour in the ethereal realm) they fall unconscious for one hour.

caster mod+5 per day charges

+3 Keen Cunning Called Dagger

Special Unlock

Debond – This BMV has the ability to debond other users from their BMV. To do this, the person debonding must either be willing or helpless. Upon completion, the old wielder dies if they are below level 5 BMV level. If they are at level 5 or higher, they alone suffer the same effect as if their BMV had broken. They also still suffer the BMV penalty when they are not holding their BMV permanently afterwards and still die at half their normal age allowance. Doing so seals the BMV attempting to debond the other’s abilities for ten minutes and requires ten minutes of uninterrupted casting. This process can be sped up to half the time at any moment, but doing so kills the soul within the BMV. The magic remaining inside depletes at a rapid rate, and the weapon can only be used for a week, afterwards making the weapon to crumble to dust.

Drow's Eye

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