Prism Glasses

This BMV comes in the form of a pair of spectacles. Legend tells that they have the power to foresee the future. Those who wear them will find they will know exactly where their opponent will move and where they will attack, putting them at an advantage in a fight.

The soul trapped within however is said to have sought sight beyond normal sight in his life, but did not achieve it. Those who foolishly try to bond with the glasses and are not prepared may have their vision stolen from them and, if they are not careful, their mind. According to the soul within, the world is on a path to ruin, and it wants to try to steer the world to another course through it’s actions.

Stolen from the Eva Military after killing its wearer.
Bonded to Aiden. Level 4 BMV
The wielder gains evasion so long as he wears the glasses.
Up to caster stat + 2 per day, as a swift action. The wearer can make his next attack roll an automatic 20. He still needs to roll to confirm the critical hit.
Up to caster stat + 2, as an immediate action the wearer can negate an enemy’s attack after it hits. This choice is made after damage has been announced. If the attack called for a reflex save, he can automatically succeed.
Up to caster stat per day, the wielder can swap out a spell of equal or higher level he has prepared (or in the case of spontaneous, use an appropriate spell slot) to cast Augury.


  • The Wielder gains the benefits of evasion while wearing the glasses
  • Stat + 2 times / Day ( Swift Action ) the wearer can treat their next attack roll as an automatic 20. The Critical must be confirmed as normal
  • Stat +2 times / Day ( Immediate Action ) the wearer may choose to dodge any attack treating it as if the attacker never hit. The wielder may choose to do this after the resulting damage has been revealed
  • Stat / Day the wielder may sacrifice a spell slot of 2nd level or higher to spontaneously cast Augury (Standard cast time, Ignores material and focus components)

Level 5 Power-up – (Stage 2)

  • The Wearer may make an attack of opportunity against an attacker whom he has used his Evade attack ability against.
  • Gain 1 additional use of the Evade ability (3 + Stat)
  • Gain 1 additional use of the Attack ability ( 3+ Stat)

Drawback : When the user removes the glasses their vision clouds and they can only see 30 feet. Their eyes appear clouded like those of a blind person.

Special Unlock

Vision – This BMV has the ability to pass visions onto the wielder in their sleep. If the user has the potential of meeting a BMV user in the coming few weeks, they may be gifted with a vision, detailing which BMV souls could be met and their possible location.

Prism Glasses

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