“Eva” which is centered in the center of the main land is home to all races aside from Orcs. Eva is also the largest of all five countries. It’s land has both mountains and forests, but a vast majority is made up of plains and the savanna, making it ideal for farming.

Eva used to be a nation that focused on agriculture and growth, but that was before it’s new ruler took the throne by force 2 years ago. Since then, Eva has undergone a major change, building vastly for warfare, which has made the other nations uneasy, especially Kalivysto, to the southeast.

Eva’s military is impossible to describe in a few words. They employ everything and anyone willing to lend their aid to battle. What has come of note now is that even the lowliest of soldiers is equipped with divine magically enhanced gear.

Capital is Etalia
~ Ports are Sol, Meva Port, Lumos Island
~ Major Cities are Kali, Maka, Suvan, Ovil, Paral, Eeve

Has one Ruler, Malevine Ekhert (human female)
Directly below her are her council of 5 warlords
Tarkash Warvien (human male, known for his cavalry division)
Cecil Veer (elf male, Known as a covert ops sniper)
Bors Strongarm (dwarf male, Commands all paladins within the kingdom)
Valeris Malina (human female, famous for her brilliance as a sea captain)
Unknown Warlord (not much is known about this one, nicknamed “The Shadow Warlord”)


Since the death of their last ruler, Malevine has been implementing many changes upon the nation, including the change of the original 5 council members, which she now calls the 5 warlords. Eva’s military has been increasing in numbers drastically and promise its citizens a hefty salary for those who join.
Kalivysto has challenged Eva on the changes multiple times, to which Eva has claimed they are only preparing just in case Xolaz turns upon them once they have conquered Chou due to the absence of one of their council members.
However, the sheer size of their military says otherwise, but none of the five nations has a force large enough to challenge Eva.
Eva has has declared war against Xolaz and has already taken over the city closest to it’s border, Wex, and is now laying seige to the capital of Xolaz.
Chou has allied themselves with Eva, and now the capture of Xolaz’s capital is ensured once their ally’s army arrives.


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